Who's who in Rules?

Here you can read about some of the players in the rule-game... just in case you're interested (obviously I am). Alphabetical order.

Who's Charles Forgy?

He invented the algorithm (RETE) underlying most modern (forward-chaining) rule engines. Read more on Charles Forgy on Wikipedia.

Who's Dr. Ernest Friedman-Hill?

Dr. Friedman-Hill created JESS - one of the famous Java-based rule engines. He authored the book "Jess-in-Action" by Manning.

Dr. Friedman–Hill is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, California. He is the developer of Jess, the Java rule engine. He has taught Java programming to over 3,000 students for the University of California Extensions in Berkeley, in San Diego, and online. Dr. Friedman–Hill’s current work at Sandia includes the development of software for mechanical design and analysis. He lives in Gaithersburg, MD.

Who's Paul Haley?

Paul Haley founded Haley Systems. He implemented several OPS5-based rule engines. His company was recently (November 2007) acquired by Ruleburst.

Who's Dr. Allen Newell?

He worked at Carnegie Mellon University and directed the development of OPS5.

Who's Adrian Paschke?

He regularly writes announcement on everything rule-related on javarules.org

Who's Mark Proctor?

Currently Mark is lead developer & architect of JBoss-Rules. He regularly blogs about rules.

Who's Bob McWirther?

He founded the Drools-project, which has been taken over (friendly!) by JBoss and been more-or-less merged into JBoss-Rules. Loads of code still bears his signature...

Why didn't you mention <My-Favorite-Rule-Star>?

Because I do not strive for completeness... just mail suggestions and I might add them...