About this site

This site has been made on a Mac (with RapidWeaver and TextMate). The idea just came up while researching rule-engines for one of my clients and sipping ice-cappuccino on the beach at western Holland.

I (yep - its questionable to start too many sentences with the self-reference "I"...)

  • write most content pages (Examples, FAQ, Bibliography) in Markdown with TextMate, as RapidWeaver is a cool thing for web publishing. Did I mention I love cool things? Markdown is an abbreviated syntax for authoring web content, developed by John Gruber. Thanx to Christian Plessl for his great markdown plugin.
  • let RapidWeaver convert the markdown files to HTML.
  • draw images OmniGraffle,
  • model with MagicDraw,
  • develop with Eclipse.