Information on rule based systems.

More precisely:

  • How to architect software systems incorporating rule engines, leading to rule based systems.
  • Answers to common questions concerning rules (rule-FAQ)
  • Samples (currently for JBoss-Drools and Prolog)
  • Design and architecture guidelines for business rules (contained in the FAQ)

This site is completely vendor-neutral, as it is not commercially sponsored. I'll use specific engines for the tutorials and examples.

Latest update

  • January 18-20th 2008: Updated site navigation, included new diagrams to examples, new example (AgeOfTheSons-Riddle)
  • July 27th 2007: Golfer-riddle solved in Prolog
  • July 13th 2007: Section on routing, RuleEngineWrapper for JBoss-Drools
  • June 30th 2007: Walkthrough of JBoss-Drools solution of the Golfer-riddle.

Who am I?

aah - just in case you care: My name is Gernot Starke...